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Ultra fast charging with

Charge Net at Ebbett VW

Did you know that we have one of the fastest EV chargers in New Zealand on our front doorstep?  

Our Ultra-fast 175kw charger delivers a whopping 320kms of range in just 30 minutes* meaning you’ve just got time to pop in and enjoy a complimentary coffee before your vehicle is topped up and ready to go.

It’s open 24/7 to the public and is straightforward to use through the Charge Net network

We know mobility is changing and we’re excited about being at the forefront of that change, particularly when it comes to environmentally beneficial technology like this.  85% of New Zealand’s electricity is produced from renewable power sources, so initiatives like this are extra beneficial in this country!  

*based on an Audi e-tron

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VW vehicle donated to Hospice Waikato